Objects of the Society:

  • To promote fellow feeling among the old students of the College.

  • To concert measures for keeping the old students in close touch with the College               and its activities.

  • To offer guidance and counsel for the Alumni who are in need of help.

  • To issue bulletins as and when warranted.

  • To take up any other activity in keeping with the above.

  • To promote the Welfare of the downtrodden, economically and socially backward.

Rights, Obligations and Privileges of Members:

            Any official or Executive Committee member of the Executive Committee cannot          claims any special rights, or obligation or pre villages.

The manner in which the society shall transact its business:

            1he Executive Committee of the society in consultation with the members of the       Executive Committee in the First instance and then carryout the decision with the help of               the members.

Constitution of the Executive Committee, Qualifications of the members of the                    Executive     Committee, their terms of office. And the procedure for appointment and re-appointment.

            The Executive Committee consists of President, Two Vice-Presidents, Secretary,                   Joint-Secretary, Treasurer and Ten Members of the Executive Committee and in all                 16(Sixteen) Members. Their terms of office is ONE Year.

            President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Joint-Secretary, Treasurer are the official members    of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee appointed by the General Body by the         majority of the General Body will hold its office for One Year only. The members of the           Executive Committee once elected can also stand for election for subsequent terms also.